We dismantle and installed in the new home, all furniture, juvenile furniture, murals, custom furnishings, paneling, etc.. All kinds of furniture.

We have on staff with furniture fitters, carpenters and joiners forged experienced in assembling and dismantling of all types of furniture. From the simplest to the most complex assembly.

Dismantle wall shelves, antiques, furniture nest, wood paneling, in short, any type of furniture. You tell us where you are and where you want it, and I find it perfectly fitted in your new home or office without having to worry about how.

No more unexpected accidents or scratches caused by attempting to transport the furniture without disassembly. Although we do easier. Dismantle and transport your furniture with ease and safety, then mount it in place that tell us the customer.

Madrid: 91-690 22 50, Sevila: 954-32 49 63

Contact us, and without any commitment, receive a visit from one of our technical specialists that will make a detailed study of their needs, providing then an estimate based on them. We specialize in assembling and dismantling of furniture in Madrid and the rest of our offices throughout the country.