In Mudanzas Fuentes we specialize in office removals. We have a good service disassembly and assembly of all types of furniture you have in your office shelves, tables, etc. If required we can pack contents folders, AZs, documentation and all done by highly trained office moves, with really cheap prices.

For we understand that their activity should be stopped as quickly as possible, we also relocation of offices on weekends. Office Relocation adjusting to their schedules.

The office removals in Madrid and Barcelona make the most absolute efficiency and security. Efficiency based on the professionalism of our team, shown during the six decades that Mudanzas Fuentes has been in the field of office removals in Madrid, Barcelona and the main cities. And in our teams at the forefront of the sector. And a guarantee that your removal from office in Madrid, Barcelona or Seville furniture, files or computers to no harm and will be treated with extreme care, so you will not even notice they have been transferred. Excellent treatment and care with good packaging for Office Removals in Madrid, Barcelona and Seville.

A service for office removals noted for the excellence of our team, first-class professionals in their field. A professionalism that help ensure that pack and unpack your files and computer equipment with absolute guarantees. But if you prefer to safeguard the privacy of your files, do not worry, we will provide all necessary materials for packing.

In all our office removals our service is not a closed product, but is open to the needs of our customers. Since we know that every client is different, and has different needs in office removals BARCELONA MADRID SEVILLA, we conducted a detailed study of each client, with the aim of offering the best service, with the tightest budget.


Madrid: 91-690 22 50, Sevila: 954-32 49 63

Contact us, and without any commitment, receive a visit from one of our technical specialists that will make a detailed study of their needs, providing then an estimate based on them.

STORAGE MADRID 91-690-22-50


STORAGE SEVILLA 954-432-49-63