Half of the employees of the changes has been to strike in a year.

Half of people a year working in the field of removals in Córdoba are, to this day, in the unemployment rolls because of the decline in activity, which reaches 65%. One of the members of the Association of freight from Córdoba (Atransmerco), Jesus Luque, explained in an interview today, only a hundred people are employed in the removals sector, although this figure reached 200 jobs Just a year ago.

These hundred workers are currently unemployed are largely recent arrivals to the companies so that firms "have decided to keep those who take longer and not renew the contract of the past who had arrived." This decrease in the number of jobs is motivated by reducing the number of changes, especially among private clients, which reaches 65%, while shipments ordered by the authorities and other public companies have been in 2008.

However, the spokesman of the association has predicted that the worst is yet to come, especially in summer, time for which has been estimated that the activity will be 90% lower in the period compared to 2008. These calculations, Luque explained, come from the number of changes that are already booked, a figure that has fallen and allows the business forward in the summer "will also go down."

Source: diariocordoba.com