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Moving and Storage Since 1947, Fuentes has been serving clients in Madrid, Barcelona and Seville, ensuring excellent Removals and Storage service with very competitive prices in Madrid Barcelona and Seville. Service Moving and Storage in Madrid very good. Moving well done by good people in Madrid and Barcelona, Storage .
Madrid Movings.


Mudanzas Fuentes Although we've been doing removals since 1947. We are already 7 subsidiaries spread over the major cities. Although our headquarters is in Madrid and Barcelona also do Removals and Storage in major cities like Seville. Very good Storage in Barcelona, Madrid and Seville. Moving and Storage with warranty and good prices on all delegations have elevators that Crane, as well as a large fleet of vehicles and the best and most modern means to make the changes as fast, reliable and economical as possible. Storage and removals in Sevilla, Barcelona and Madrid.

Mudanzas y Guardamuebles Fuentes is a moving company where our guests will find in Madrid, Barcelona and Seville. Good professionals who include cabinetmakers for setting furniture in the new home, Mudanzas Fuentes has offices in Madrid, Barcelona and Seville, and major cities, offering a high quality but very cheap prices. Free estimates on moving and storage company in Barcelona, Madrid and Seville.

Moving weekly routes between Madrid, Barcelona and Sevilla