If you need to Move or Storage in Alcorcón, Moving and Storage We are specialists in all types of home and office removals, between individuals or of storage, large volume removal with much smaller quantities or delivery in ALCORCÓN.

In Mudanzas y Guardamuebles FUENTES in Alcorcón all staff we have ara specialized in movings, highly tranied staff with experience in moving sector, fully capacited to make so well any moving. Specialist in movings in ALCORCON.

To make a move goes well, we must listen to customers and tailor our services to your needs as well as having adequate facilities and personnel specialize in removals. SOURCES Removals and Storage in Alcorcón, we have good ways of packaging: butler, wardrobes, Crane lifters and highly trained and experienced and all this with really tight prices.

In our service Moving and Storage in ALCORCÓN we take into account the needs of the customer. The client decides who packed their belongings (contents of furniture, clothes, dishes, etc..), If the client or belongings yourself. If the client wishes, we can pack the contents we also have the customer service pack and we carried the boxes and packed.

If the client wishes to do the packing himself, in Alcorcón we provide all necessary materials, from boxes to bubble wrap and other materials required for a perfect package.

For disassembly and assembly of furniture we have in the delegation of staff ALCORCÓN in furniture assemblers who will be responsible to remove and make it installed, however difficult they may be.

We have a good Alcorcón Storage. We offer a good service Storage houses the bulk of the move until you have new home for their belongings.


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