The Moving and Storage Association (ACLEM), adheres to the campaign 'solutions now!'

Organized by cecal calls for urgent action to stem the economic crisis.

The nine regional business organizations cecal and incorporated into more than 100 provincial sectoral partnerships have been formalized and its adherence to the document prepared by the Confederation, under the motto "For the survival of the companies of Castilla y León. Solutions Now ', which is demanding "appropriate measures capable of halting the crisis in which we find ourselves and not to have a global character, no longer has specific characteristics in this community, given the configuration of our tissue productive".

They have also agreed to protest its support for the text more than half of the regional sectoral organizations of the Confederation and a number of important business groups, although not belonging to Cecala, have supported the need for immediate solutions to alleviate the effects of on the business world is causing the economic and financial crisis, thus confirming their attendance at the meeting prepared for next March 30 in Valladolid, which the leader will attend the Spanish business, Gerardo Diaz Ferran, who will accompany the president Cecala, Jesús María raw.

Between concrete and urgent rescue is the guarantee requested by the government a direct corporate funding stringent conditions for public funding curbing the tax burden so that taxes, fees and service prices not increase above the CPI the implementation of direct payments to the purchase of vehicles, the deferral of taxes and social charges, no interest for late payment or obligation to guarantee and improve the so-called fiscal current account 'for compensation taxes, especially VAT. In addition, the document reflects the need to ICO of new lines and endorsements that allow deferred payments Social security contributions and taxes.