Household and office removals for individuals and companies in Torrejón de Ardoz.

Removals and Storage in TORREJON ARDOZ Fuentes is a removal company based in Torrejon De Ardoz. Leader of transportation, removals and storage not only TORREJON REPOSITORY, as we also removals and storage service to the people around. REMOVALS well made but with very good prices.

We guarantee REMOVALS quality work with which your belongings are in safe hands. The service we provide in TORREJON REPOSITORY is the best and most complete but you can find affordable rates.

At home movers REPOSITORY TORREJON pack everything: dinner services, books, clothes. We also have client service pack and we move the boxes already packed. We tailor our services to customer needs.

We have the template Moving and Storage in Torrejón de Ardoz furniture fitters if needed it will dismantle and assemble all types of furniture including custom-made pieces.

REMOVALS In carrying out removals to have 5 lifts Crane climbing furniture to a tenth floor.

Do not hesitate if you need to make removals in Torrejón de Ardoz well done or Storage service please contact us. The service provided by Moving Sources in Torrejón de Ardoz considered even among the other moving companies as very good.

The furniture storage in Torrejón de Ardoz located in the polygon, with an area of 8,345 m, it is probably the largest repository in Torrejón de Ardoz.

Guarded twenty four hours a security company, very well prepared for storage of furniture and furnishings, great deals on Storage in Torrejón de Ardoz .


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