Removal companies warn of possible bankruptcy for unpaid management.

The Spanish Federation of Removal Companies (FEDEM) warned in a statement that many companies are "on the brink of bankruptcy" by delays in government payments.

"If the situation continues, soon we will read that many companies closed, leaving workers on the street and their suppliers without pay, because public agencies working for thousands of dollars owed for months, with no projections that they are going to pay, "said the president of FEDEM, Roberto Hernan Salguero.

Besides the delay in payment, the federation said that there has been a drop in demand because they do not sell flats and no relocation of lack of liquidity, leading to "the complete destruction of firms removals".

FEDEM noted that, in the "suffocating circumstances" of the crisis, has tripled the number of workers without contracts and without high on Social Security in the removals sector because companies are "compensation act outside law risking potential fines "because they save as" less than 32% of labor costs".

Also, Hernan said the road transport sector, and in particular the relocation, is currently experiencing "one of the worst crises in its history", which is causing the dismissal of thousands of workers and the closure of many companies.