Moving, Moving Issues and Transportation sector

Bad times for the removals sector, largely because of the crisis, but it would be a mistake to think that the blame is entirely the wrong time of economic crisis. If it is true that the economic hard times we live in has emphasized the serious problems that had the sector.

LACK OF UNITY: One of the most important problems that the sector. This lack of unity makes it impossible to have the strength to negotiate. More than half of the sector and are not associated for free, that a moving company does not want to be a member of industry associations can only be understood by reason, not subject to any rules of any kind, as in associations there are rules and forms consistent with current legislation to be met, therefore we should ask ourselves the companies that are outside the associations comply with all current legislation?, and personal insurance, cargo insurance and liability and so forth. The vast majority do not. One possible solution would be by the association to identify these companies, the activity to follow up and report all testing irregularities.

LOWER RATES: In this problem almost all movers must sing the mea culpa. On one side are the companies that work without complying with current legislation, ie not having the boys insured or no insurance (among other irregularities) allows these companies to provide cheaper prices. Then there are other companies that work in the absence of lower prices in some cases below cost with the intention of working.

Possible solutions to this problem happen to denounce companies that do not comply with current legislation, and secondly mentalizing entrepreneurs transport (partnerships) that if prices come down that way who else they are lost. Should realize that if prices come down who need to make a move would have to pay the price that the industry put together.

TOO MANY MOVERS. Recently, under the economic boom have created too many moving companies, plus companies already have increased dramatically. All this together means there is excess supply which means a bitter struggle to get a few customers out there.

Probably the only solution, even traumatic, whether it has to reduce the number of moving and transport companies. At this point it is important to note that there are many entrepreneurs removal of those deemed great, who have made significant logistical errors, because as in these past years built both (40% more than usual) and everything was sold generating a 50% more than the removal habituales.Este increased work and perhaps think that this has caused some employers keep their companies put excessive costs, ships, trucks, increased workers, etc.. Expenses that can not afford and now it's worse when you pass this crisis and return to work with some semblance of normalcy can not pay all those expenses.

We spent a few years when it seemed that everything was worth, did not care all, the removal or transport company not buy ships, trucks and people increased by excessive deformation seemed silly.

Now is when we realize that there are transport companies, and they have done their homework well, but with the head to rise if no expenses have gotten into that now can not pay, they have sound business and are in a privileged position for times ahead.