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Tips for choose right mover.

Here are some basic suggestions for choosing the right mover (before moving).

Moving prizes.

Lately it seems by the movers that anything goes when it comes to getting a customer.

How to hit with movers.

In the maelstrom of a removal company can be found on the market and the difference may be among those.

MOVINGS. Trouble with movings and transport sector.

Bad times for the removals sector, largely because of the crisis, but it would be a mistake to think that the blame is entirely the wrong time of economic crisis.

Movers warns administration unpaids.

The Spanish Federation of Removal Companies (FEDEM) warned in a statement that many companies are "on the brink of bankruptcy" by the late payments.

Movers and Storage asociation (ACLEM), joins 'Solution, now!" campain.

Organized by cecal calls for urgent action to stem the economic crisis.

Transports: Normally after strike, key agreement.

The unions tried this week to stand up to Asetra, the majority in the subsector of goods and only signatory to the collective agreement.

They want to charge an additional fee trucks congestion.

Ministers of Transport of the European Union will resume talks tomorrow to decide whether to charge an additional fee for truck congestion on European roads cause.

Transports strike called off.

The conflict in the transport sector road Spaniard appeared cystic and without many signs of solution.

Asturian transport strike.

The strike of public transport by road, called for an indefinite period in Asturias by the UGT and CCOO, completely paralyzed passenger traffic.

Transport .- The transport sector will fall by 6% this year by the crisis.

The road freight transport will fall by 6% this year, reaching 17,000 million euros.

Half of the employees of the changes has been to strike in a year.

Half of people a year working in the field of removals in Córdoba are, to date, on unemployment rolls because of the decline in activity, which reaches 65%.

Increase to 13% of offenses in road transport.

A 13.26% of road transport vehicles inspected last year in Navarra had breached the rules, three points more than in 2007.

Transport of Goods: Functional Plan Bailen.

This was announced by Minister of Public Works, Luis Garcia Garrido, a recent visit to the business park Santana CAF-Linares.

Restrictions on heavy goods traffic in 2009 extends the mileage of the network for dangerous.

The Official Gazette dated February 10, 2009 reflects the resolution dated February 2, 2009 of the General Directorate of Traffic, laying down special measures to regulate traffic.