Among our wide range of services we offer packing and unpacking of their belongings. If you asked to do so will send our team of professional packers to take charge of protecting their most precious belongings against any damage they may suffer in transit, regardless of the move: Barcelona, Madrid ... We have a team focused exclusively on the packing and unpacking of household goods, providing service for removals in Madrid, Barcelona, etc. With it you gain in peace and security, and you can stop worrying of the most cumbersome of the move.

If for example you are planning your move to Madrid and would prefer to wrap your belongings yourself, do not worry. We will provide all necessary material, so you can make your own packaging in the most professional. With this, you will get the best price on your move and will have the possibility of packing his personal belongings. We assure you, of course, that the material that we provide will be of first quality, as all that although we use.

Madrid: 91-690 22 50, Sevila: 954-32 49 63

Contact us, and without any commitment, receive a visit from one of our technical specialists that will make a detailed study of their needs, providing then an estimate based on the same.