Tips for choosing the right mover

Here are some basic suggestions for choosing the right mover (before moving).

1º.- Do not accept quotes over the phone: avoid any later modifications.

2º.- Formalize a contract: A verbal quote can be changed.

3º.- Make sure the mover complies with the requirements established by law: that is registered, that is has civil liability insurance and freight, and that its staff are insured.

4º.- Insurance. Check the insurance of goods offered, there are companies that give insurance below the real value of the goods, for example if your appliances give cost € 30,000 € 12,000 insurance and charge you an important supplement to reach the real value bringing the price of the move increases significantly. The insurance must be the real value of the goods without supplements.

5º.- Packaging. If you would like to pack the contents of the furniture, books, pottery, clothing, etc. there are companies that perform this service free of charge the day before the consumer is much better and safer than going to pack up the day before.

Remember that if you decide it is cheaper packed but moving companies usually have more resources, butler boxes closet. and it does not take over the breaks for the content of the boxes you do, for two reasons, as you know packed, good or bad and know the status of objects before packing.

If you decide that you pack the contents of the furniture, choose a company that will pack the day before, there are companies that provide this service free of charge. If you can afford it is much safer and comfortable that you pack the moving company.

6º.- Dismantling and assembling furniture. Disassembly is not usually cause problems, is in the assembly have to be careful where you leave all the furniture mounted and are very important to be left installed all shelves, cabinet, shelving, etc. that need to be fixed to the wall on the market companies that provide this service free of charge.

Beware of companies too cheap, usually there are no bargains. If they are cheaper the quality of your move is terrible.

7º.- Try to choose a company that is in a regional association or FEDEM removal, as these companies tend to spend a few filters to be in these partnerships, which mean they can give more security.

8º.- That the company you choose this subject to consumer arbitration.

9º.- Not only set the price, the services we provide for that price is an important fact when choosing.

10º.- As for storage, the repository in Madrid should have all the goods insured against damage, theft and fire and be monitored 24 hours a day by a security company.

Important questions to ask before hiring:

1ª.- Are Insurance Safe? Personalized "My name or global? Why the real value of my goods or supplements?

2ª.- Are all staff personnel is of the firm, or ETTs or porters hired undocumented? (Waiters non-professionals) Is there a problem to teach the TC2 of these workers before the move?

3ª.- Packaging Has pack everything? "Unpacked in the new home and leave it in place? Do hanging lockers? At what price? Do you have butler to the dishes and fragile items?

4ª.- Dismantling and assembling "Disassemble? What about glue? "They leave all the furniture assembled in the new home? "Even the shelves and furniture that need to be fixed to the wall? What about lamps?