Transport of Goods: Functional Plan Bailen

This was announced by Minister of Public Works, Luis Garcia Garrido, a recent visit to the business park Santana CAF-Linares.

The Functional Plan Bailén CTM defines the management of 32 hectares located between the A-4 and the A-1200 from Linares to Baños de la Encina.

It is conceived as a center connected to the transport of goods by road, mainly oriented to their distribution throughout the territory. Not surprisingly, in Bailen joins the main access road of great ability from within the Peninsula to Andalusia, as is the A-4, A-44 motorways Bailen-Motril-Granada-Jaén and the motorway as outlined above -32 to the Levant for Albacete.

The 32 hectares of the MLC of Bailen is divided into 12.5 for logistical purposes, 7.2 for roads, parking lots and 4.3 for the rest is divided among services activities, administrative practices and green areas.

The planned initial investment for land acquisition, currently underway, development and construction of an electrical substation stands at 13.7 million euros.

Thus, once the CTM of Bailen is fully operational and occupied by companies in the sector, is estimated to provide employment to 1,000 workers.

ASSESSMENT OF THE MAYOR OF DANCING, BARTHOLOMEW SERRANO. The mayor of Bailen, Bartolomé Serrano, has welcomed the announcement that the Junta de Andalucía, through the Minister of Public Works and Transportation did yesterday on the approval of the Functional Plan Freight Transport Centre (CTM) of Bailen a project which, as noted by the mayor bailenense, the town council has been claiming for many years.

In this regard, the mayor said that "for the government team is a joy to see how this project which has been much talk but so far no action had been taken at last beginning to take shape in a palpable way."

The mayor noted that "this is a much needed project to dance, because it represents an important solution for two of the most serious problems suffered by the city, the alarming unemployment figures and the urgency of diversifying local industry strongly dependent on the ceramics sector. In fact, this project has been claiming both through the plenary of the Corporation as part of the Local Employment Bureau in Bailen, a body led by the Consistory to the plight of locality".

Claiming greater flexibility in terms Serrano noted that "I am pleased to see how the Andalusian making decisions that will allow us to perceive as reality this project, however, the other side of that is our concern at not seeing logical application in the issue of timing. In this sense, the City Council we need to reclaim the definition of firm timelines that make the obvious emergency that the city has for this project is that dance is not to wait but to act. Therefore, the City Council will closely follow the evolution of the CTM to request more quickly".

"This is an employment generating project, continues the mayor, who expected to employ about a thousand people, so that, given the plight of our city, should be a priority project for the Government of Andalusia, such as occurs with others such as Santana in Linares".

IMPROVEMENT OF INSTITUTIONAL RELATIONS BETWEEN CITY AND DELEGATIONS OF THE BOARD. Moreover, in terms of relations between the City of Bailen and the Junta de Andalucía, Bartolomé Serrano said that "in recent months have recomposed themselves dialog levels of two administrations that have to work together and that in fact in the last two weeks I have been greeted with four speed Jaén Provincial Delegates to the Board, Employment, Agriculture, Public Works and Tourism, which in the past has meant waiting months or even one year. This shift I think the very positive relationship to dance and hope to continue in that line and give the relevant results".

LOCAL ASSESSMENT OF THE PRESIDENT AND DEPUTY MAYOR PP, Martin OLEA. The local president of the PP and deputy mayor of Bailen, Martin Olea, has conducted a review of recent statements by the Director of Public Works regarding the construction of Freight Transportation Center (CTM) regretting "that the project has been mouth of the Socialists since 2000 and to date has not moved a single inch of land and has not put a single brick in the Transportation Center".

Olea thus wished to recall that the early promises of construction of the logistics area Bailén "were made by the Socialist Party when he was Minister of Public Works, Francisco Vallejo, ie around the year 2000, so far a whopping nine years and the socialists of the Board all they do is beating around the bush and let time pass without a clear undertaking this project".

The PP calls into question the statements of counsel, "and we all know the many half-truths that have been said in these nine years on the project of the MLC and to date we only have to approve a workable plan. It asks Olea "whether to approve a plan had to spend nine years to run how much longer will happen?.

Wanted to demonstrate the popular half-truths that have been told over the years with clear and concrete examples. In this area have noted that in 2002 there was talk that the investment for developing the Transportation Center would amount to 15 million euros, now but nine years later, the counselor says that the expropriation of land, urbanization and construction of a substation will involve an investment of 13 million euros, "so someone will have to explain if the project will be considerably smaller than nine years or forecasts can vary, when not telling the truth then or now? ".

The popular spokesperson has referred equally to the claims made by the Manager of the Ports Corporation of Andalusia in July 2006, which stated verbatim: "The tendering of the works is scheduled for second half of 2007" . In this sense he recalled that "we are in March 2009 and we know nothing of the tendering of the works so we are again with another false promise of the leaders of the Board." For the PP of Bailen is "regrettable that the Socialists continue any dancing and much more at the time of crisis in which we find ourselves".

Olea said that the dependence of the ceramic sector "for the city is a great social drama that results in loss of many jobs and if at the time the Board had undertaken with due dispatch this project bailenense industry may have had the opportunity to diversify into the logistics sector".

The PP asks the Junta de Andalucía loyalty to institutions and once and for all bets on the immediate construction of the Center for Transportation and for that, "the first thing you should do is sit next to City Hall and let us know all the details the project and will now work together for this important project".

The PP accused the PSOE to create false expectations. Finally the popular asked for "something more seriously to the leaders of the PSOE, as in times of crisis where we are and the job losses being experienced in Bailen mention that the project will create CTM thousand jobs, is at least reckless. " In this way the PP is betting that this project will generate employment, "but we must be realistic and not create false expectations and we do not know which will be the degree of implementation of new businesses in the CTM and therefore should not generate illusions in people who are currently living the tragedy of unemployment, we have to do is get to work so that when before logistics companies have the infrastructure available and can generate wealth and employment in dance".