In Mudanzas Fuentes we are specialists in removals for individuals, Sixty Years of experience guarantee our professionalism and efficiency that has led us to know all the details of the relocation of household or individuals, ensuring our clients peace of mind.

Our team knows how important your belongings are to you and therefore treated with the utmost care. We have specific professionals to each of the stages of moving home. In particular removals, if the client request, our staff will be responsible for packing all your belongings (contents of the furniture), or crockery, glassware, books, clothing, porcelain figurines, or any other object that requires packaging .

We have in our staff with professional fitters and carpenters dismantled the furniture in the place of origin of the move and will perfectly fitted to your new home.

The individual moving service, includes a wide range of benefits, among which you can choose what best suits for your needs or quote. Since the easier moving in which we will move your furniture, to the complex moving where you don't have to worried about nothing in the moving, exists a huge specter os posibilities inside which you may decide when contact whith us.


Madrid: 91-690 22 50, Sevila: 95-432 49 63

Contact us, and without any commitment, receive a visit from one of our technical specialists that will make a detailed study of their needs, providing then an estimate based on them.

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