Increase to 13% of offenses in road transport.

A 13.26% of road transport vehicles inspected last year in Navarra had breached the rules, three points more than in 2007, an increase attributable to "the current crisis can be tempting to use up the maximum load capacity of trucks or driving times and rest. "

This was stated today the Minister of Public Works, Transport and Communications, Laura Alba, at the launch of V Transportation Inspection Plan de Navarra, which has been advanced that this year will be "especially vigilant" against such violations given the "small upward trend" detected.

For 2009, as in previous years, the objectives are "to ensure a greater degree of road safety to improve the degree of compliance with transport regulations eliminate the behaviors that affect competition between companies to ensure the conditions work of drivers and get a high quality transport both passengers and cargo sectors in the area of Navarre. "

As news, this year include two inspection campaigns, one on medical transport and another on the carriage of dangerous goods, and a new weighing system installed in Ribaforada.

In figures, the minister has advanced inspection will be 15,000 vehicles on the road and about 1,000 in companies with 15,000 tachographs inspected, and about 30,000 days "to see the fulfillment of driving time and rest."

In addition, excess weight will inspect more than 4,000 vehicles and carried out checks on international transport and cabotage, which joins other actions as normal and campaigns of the two school bus in April and November.

Se trata de "un plan abierto", concebido por el departamento con la colaboración de la Policía Foral y la Guardia Civil, así como las asociaciones del sector (Anet, Tradisna y Aconsena), y "mantendrá la inspección en los mismos niveles" que en anteriores ejercicios,

In this regard, has released data last year's campaign, in which 21,918 vehicles were inspected and 1,029 passenger goods.

In regard to roadside inspections during the past year conducted 11,908 reviews of transportation authorization, 13,567 reviews of the tachograph and speed limiter, 13,799 excess weight controls, 535 controls of dangerous goods, 4,106 inspections complementary private transport and international transport 7,902.

Regarding the inspection companies, we reviewed 11,070 days in the control of driving and rest times, and carried out inspections at 246 companies on the number of drivers.

In addition, inspections were conducted 5 worker cooperatives and 6 controls jointly with the Labour Inspectorate.

The total sanctions in 2008 was of 4,513, of which 52.31% were severe (2361), the 34.78% (1,570) were very severe and mild 12.89% (582).

Of the controls carried out during 2008, a 13.26% were detected infringements of the rules, of which the most frequent due to the lack of disks (with an obligation to take in the car), excess weight , and extra dimensions.

In this regard, Alba has admitted that the inspection is a task that "sometimes disturbs daily activity of carriers because they were interrupted, but they are aware of the importance of these tasks because they assume great benefits" to ensure road safety and to order the carriage.

All this means that the carriage of more quality and ensure the working conditions of workers, and avoid unfair competition "by ensuring that everyone complies with rest periods and do not carry more load due.

Also rejected criticism "of the possible tax collection effort of the administration, to ensure that their interest is" to ensure road safety and transport order. If there is a possibility of recovery is because there has been unlawful conduct, "he said.

Regarding the transport scene in Navarre, on 31 December last year, there were in the Foral Community of 8799 total freight transport permits, of which 6449 are for public transport vehicles (5,386 vehicles and 1,063 light heavy) and 2,350 private transport vehicles.

For its part, in regard to public transport, there are 1,271 permits, 636 buses, 516 cars (449 and 67 are taxis for hire with driver), and 119 ambulances