They want to charge an additional fee trucks congestion

Ministers of Transport of the European Union will resume talks tomorrow to decide whether to charge an additional fee for truck congestion on European roads cause after the positive vote in Parliament. The Twenty-seven shows in general opposed to including congestion of the criteria to determine the rate known as "Eurovignette", designed to offset the damage that vehicles over 3.5 tonnes environmental cause.

Until now, trucks in the tolls paid a fee to help build and maintain roads, but the European Commission proposed in July last year adding an extra cost for the noise, congestion and air pollution it causes.

The European Parliament has voted this month in favor of including congestion within the "Eurovignette" extended to trucks, but has removed the limits on recovery, a result that Spain is the worst thing that could have occurred, diplomatic sources said.

Spain, which is represented by the Minister of Development, Magdalena Álvarez, is unfair to penalize trucks that cause 20 percent of total congestion "and leave out the cars, but countries such as Germany oppose head-on to include private vehicles.

Another issue that morning, the ministers discussed the review of EU legislation on working time for drivers of road transport.

In 2007, the EU executive presented a report thereon in which noted that the self should be excluded, except for "false self"-those who work exclusively for one company despite not having a contract "employee" -.

To clarify the scope of the rules, Brussels proposes first define the concept of "mobile worker", but Member States can not reach agreement.

The Twenty also work on aviation agreement EU-Canada, adopted a decision on the European program of air traffic management (SESAR) and ratify the agreement reached this week with the EP to move towards the unification of European airspace and improve traffic management.

In the field of maritime transport, the ministers will examine and compare the rights of passengers on boats with rail and air.